"Born of Rarohenga in the realm of the deep
Through mists of the ages the sages do keep
The sacred links and priestly connections to
WhakaRuuaumoko the fledging god turned under
Beneath the surface of Mother Gaia
Given to him in a sacred fire
Eruptions volcanic through veins of the Earth
Our mother beautifully scarred and adorned gives birth to her children
Off the redness of earth from Kuruwaka are we
Reflecting the gods perfectly, divinely
Great Taane our father progenitor true of Hine and Tiki from Papatuanuku!"
"Deep are the furrows of kauri stained brows
Ancient the blood stained chisel that ploughs
Through flesh and bone
ancestral lines chiefly in origin and intent
This privileged legacy of sacred descent
Masterfully delineated in symmetrical prose
Resting on layers of glory and woes
Bridging the worlds of darkness and light
He of the light and she of the night
Brought chisel and healing to the realm of the light
Thus are the origins of the ancient mark
Thus is the journey of which we embark!"

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