A collaboration of indigenous artists infusing ancient knowledge & spiritual wisdom into sacred skin markings
  • Turumakina
    Turumakina Tuhoe, Ngati Awa, Ngaiterangi

    Ta Moko | Maori Art | Illustration

    “My art form is heavily based around Maori ancient knowledge and derives from a centered space of consciousness and spiritual wisdom. For me, moko is the journey of self-discovery, a symbol of spirit, mana, whakapapa and most of all, life force.”

  • Ify Refini
    Ify Refini Malay, Balinese, Melanesian

    Mandalas | Geometry | Henna | Ornamental

    “My art form focuses on sacred geometry, which is the architecture of the universe and its sacred creation. My aim is to portray my artwork as a visual connector to the consciousness we are all a part of, reminding us that we are all cosmic diagrams of limitless potentials.”

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