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 Design drawn by my client, I had the honour of tattooing it. Thanks Bella  ✖️✖️✖️ Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings: Link in bio  Tattooed my #partnerinshine the other day, representing the star tetrahedron, which functions as a 3D mandala, connecting us to the centre point, a stargate into the matrix of manifest realities. Keeping the portal cleansed and flowing. Love you my natural mystic ❤️ ✖️✖️✖️ Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings: Link in bio  After not having an individual online presence for 8 years or so as I’ve shared accounts with Tu, I’ve decided to now create my own Instagram account  @ifyrefini which will showcase my tattooing journey, infusing my learnings of higher teachings, wisdom and plant medicine and ceremonies into mandala designs, using Sacred Geometry principles. I am humbled by the support of my clients, my friends and my family. Thank you for your trust and for sharing space with me  ✖️✖️✖️ My art form focuses on sacred geometry, which is the architecture of the universe and it’s sacred creation. My aim is to portray my artwork as a visual connector to the consciousness we are all a part of, reminding us that we are all cosmic diagrams of limitless potential... Photo by the beautiful Monique Lively, thank you sis xx  In honour of her brother, a fusion piece by husband and wife team Tu and Ifyrefini, thanks Jem for the session  ••• Artist: Turumakina & Ifyrefini Bookings:  Massive thanks to everyone who made our Aotearoa tour amazing! Missing the motherland heaps. Appreciate our whanau, our friends and those we unexpectedly caught up with (you guys know who you are), and of course our clients for continually supporting our craft, especially to one lady who drove 16 hours all up just to get her ta Moko done. Love and light whanau xx Mauri Ora! ••• Artist: Turumakina Wearer: Danny / Dam Native Photo Credit: unknown
 Thanks Kaya  ✖️✖️✖️ Artist: Turumakina Bookings: Link in bio  Celebrating life, thanks bro for the session  ✖️✖️✖️ Artist: Turumakina Bookings: Link in bio  The sacred owl medicine for Brenda representing her mama, thanks for the session B  ••• Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings:  My rendition of the hamsa hand, thanks Sara for the session and for sitting so well especially since it’s your first one.  ••• Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings:  Moko Ti. Moko Ta. Moko Ora. Mauri Ora! ••• Artist: Turumakina Bookings: ••• #tamoko #moko #maori #maoritattoo #taamoko #mataora
 The Mysterious Octopus. Thank you Kailan for continually driving all way the from Hervey Bay just to get your tattoo done, appreciate the support.  Love doing this sort of work. ✖️✖️✖️ Artist: Turumakina Bookings: Link in profile  Pohutukawa flowers, connecting her to her roots. Thanks Pipi  Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings: Link in profile  Add ons for Matt, thanks bro for the session and enjoy being in Peru  ••• Artist: Turumakina Bookings:  Was such a pleasure tattooing you Rebecca, thank you  Planting seeds of growth through this journey of life... ••• Artist: Ifyrefini Bookings: ••• #mandala #mandalatattoo #hennatattoo #ornamentaltattoo #sacredtattoo #tattooswithmeaning #sacredintentions  These lil natives ❤️

“We are the invincible radiance of light eternal” ~ Juliet Carter


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