Intuitive Javanese Deep Tissue Massage Aug 23-29

Dates: 23 – 29 Aug 2017
Healing Artist: Tikal Sermet @ Ananta Boga
Location: Arts Elemental HQ

Intuitive Javanese Deep Tissue Massage Aug 23-29

With deep respect and mindful care, Tikal blends technique with awareness of spirit to support one’s essential relaxation in the communion of the Bodymind & Soul.

This bodywork is highly intuitive and inspired by Javanese technique which works deeply along the meridian lines, by Balinese and Polynesian adaptations added to the journey, softening the touch of the deep work. Soothing and transformative.

This work can reveal the hidden and is engaged in the release of all types of blockages.

The soul & mind aspects are acknowledged through this meditation. With breath work we strengthen the connection to the Body. Together we bring honouring to the Self.

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