Chakra Consciousness – Tank


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+ Artist: Ify Refini
+ Brand: He Tohu Attire
+ Design: Full colour printed artwork on front and blank on back
+ Material: 130gsm 100% superfine cotton jersey combed for softness and comfortable slim fit featuring a long body and trendy cut
+ Shipping: Please note that we create our attire upon order, hence it will take 1 week of processing and then an additional 1 week for shipping before it will arrive. Our tees are made one at a time, especially for you, so please sit tight as its truly worth the wait!


Artist Statement

Chakras are fore centers or vortexes of energy permeating from certain points in the physical body. They are considered to be the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. They vitalize the physical body as prana (life energy) flow among them. There are 7 main chakras and each chakra relates to a specific color, shape and element. In this instance, the chakra wheel represents all 7 of them in a interconnecting web of energy.
Chakra Consciousness depicts that we are all a part of the collective consciousness, a part of oneness. My depiction, of what consciousness means to me, represents the several fractals of consciousness – from collective, cosmic, individual and galactic consciousness. Included in the artwork are 12 spiritual dimensions of the evolving consciousness of which we – sentient beings of Mother Earth – are a part of.

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