Heart Chakra – Canvas

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+ Artist: Ifyrefini 2012
+ Authentically hand designed using paint pens, art markers & colour pencils
+ Canvas: UV resistant high quality 360gsm cotton canvas professionally gallery wrapped/mirror wrapped/solid colour wrapped on to a 30mm thick frame


Artist Statement

The heart chakra – or Anahata in Sanskrit – is the 4th chakra and represents higher consciousness and love. Represented by the colour green, it is the balance point for all chakras. The primary geometry which activates this chakra is the Heart Star which is a stellated cube octahedron. It cleanses abandonment and betrayal by healing the purifying the emotional body, providing emotional balance. It also reminds us that love is our protection by bringing emotional body into alignment with its soul purpose. It is the stargate of the light body. 

Canvas Size Chart

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