Heart Walker – Canvas

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+ Artist: Ifyrefini 2019
+ Canvas: UV resistant high quality 360gsm cotton canvas professionally wrapped on to a 30mm thick frame, ready to hang.
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Artist Statement

The divine woman – a miraculous constellation of energy and love. She holds a charge in her being that has the power to transform, and to create. She is the Creatix, for she is whole within herself. 

This radiant star – Sahida Apsara – is a powerful awakened woman. She lives inside the inspirational stream of her creative dreams. Her inner fire glows golden and radiant like the sun. As I embarked on the “Sacred Woman” series (more info below), the way this incredible woman embraces her worth and desires inspired me to create a visual representation of the energy she carries, continually walking in her heart space, for she is the Heart Walker. 

The “Sacred Woman” series was born out of honouring my heart space as a woman and most importantly as a sentient being. My aim is to express the power and the beauty of the matriarch, celebrating the divine feminine, which lives in balance with the masculine and feminine polarities of her being. Embracing the true knowledge that we are, the invisible radiance of eternal light. 

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