Hineraumaukuku – Canvas

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+ Artist: Turumakina 2013
+ Authentically hand designed using paint pens, art markers & colour pencils
+ Canvas: UV resistant high quality 360gsm cotton canvas professionally gallery wrapped/mirror wrapped/solid colour wrapped on to a 30mm thick frame


Artist Statement

Hineraumāukuuku is one of Māui’s principle wife’s. Her name comes from being fashioned from the sacred earth at Kurawaka. Māukuuku means to be ceremonially purified (kōmiri uku) with clay (uku). Māukuuku is a white clay. This is also where Hineahuone was formed and become the wife of Tāne.

Hineraumāukuku was originally one of the six wives of Ranginui. She was formed from the sacred earth at Kurawaka called “Te One Matua” (Sacred Earth). Te One Matua is the actual mound of Papatuānuku (Mother Earth). While she was one of the wives of Ranginui she observed Māui wrestling with Tamanuiterā (The Sun) and Māui called for her help. She decided to help Māui by calming the Sun with an ancient form of karanga (woman’s call) called “mārū” to make calm, gentle and easy going.

On the summit of Hikurangi on the East Coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand she is the second carved pillar in Te Kāpehu a Māui (Māui’s star compass) and the only installation facing outwards. Is it her soul occupation to sooth (mārū) Tamanuiterā (Sun) everyday to entice him to move in a timely manner throughout the skys to stop the warring between Māui and Tamanuiterā (sun).

Hineraumāukuuku holds that sacred codes to the “karanga” (the womans call) on to the sacred marae (courtyard) of “Matua-Te-Kore” which is called “Te Rauroha” (Infinite Consciousness). It is only through the sacred call of Hineraumāukuuku (The Woman Made of The Sacred Earth) that all people are welcomed on to the Marae o Matua-Te-Kore (Supreme Creator) when they pass from the physical world into the spiritual realm. Without her call there is no entry to the plaza of “Te Rauroha.”

Then all departed spirits come face to face with Supreme Creator Matua-Te-Kore before entering the whare-wānanga (sacred house) called Mātangireiā which is the sacred abode of supreme creator and the power source of the esoteric realms called”Ngā Rangi Marumaru Atua.” (The Esoteric Realms that are under the protection of Supreme Creator).

The proverb associated with the sacred whare-wānanga Mātangireiā is: “Kia mā reiā ai te tangi māoroorotū ki Tāhapa-tū-o-te-rangi; To be cleansed be the soft melodic sounds that are reverberating within the amphitheater of Eternity.” This is part of the epic stories pertaining to Hineraumāukuuku.

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