Hongi – Canvas

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+ Artist: Turumakina 2000
+ Authentically hand designed using paint pens, art markers & colour pencils
+ Canvas: UV resistant high quality 360gsm cotton canvas professionally gallery wrapped/mirror wrapped/solid colour wrapped on to a 30mm thick frame


Artist Statement

The origins of Hongi go back to the creation of the first human being. She was our ancestress Hine-Ahu-One, the earth formed Maiden. Created by Taane, one of the youngest children of Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuuaanuku (Earth Mother), Taane fashioned her body from the red clay at a place called Kurawaka (The Red Bowl) and once finished his work he leaned over her form, and pressed his nose to hers, and his whatumanawa (third eye) to hers, and imparted to her the Sacred Breath of Life, and she sneezed and took her first breath, Tihei Mauri ooRaa!

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