Matariki – Print

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+ Artist: Turumakina 2008
+ Authentically hand designed using paint pens, art markers & acrylic paints
+ A3 Print (42cm x 29cm): 300gsm unframed print with an unprinted white border

Artist Statement

Matariki, is the constellation known as Pleaides. Where according to some Maori and other indigenous traditions, is where the original seeding our people came. Usually 7 stars are visible to the naked eye on a clear night and days of old, Tohunga Kokorangi would await the heliacal rising of the constellation which would signify the beginning of the Maori new year. If all the stars were clearly visible, it foretold a prosperous year for crops. Matariki celebrations are still celebrated by our people today. Literally translated can mean, little eyes or eyes of the chiefs.

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