The Dreaming – Canvas

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+ Artist: Ifyrefini 2009
+ Authentically hand designed using paint pens, art markers & colour pencils
+ Canvas: UV resistant high quality 360gsm cotton canvas professionally gallery wrapped/mirror wrapped/solid colour wrapped on to a 30mm thick frame


Artist Statement

This piece is of my dedication to the indigenous peoples of Australia as I have been living and travelling their lands for over 10 years now. The Originals as they prefer to be called, refer The Dreaming or “Tjukurrpa” as a means “to see and understand the law”. Their dreaming stories pass on important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems to later generations. These stories describe the travels of their spiritual ancestors where they moved across the land and created life and significant geographic features. As their creations remained in sacred sites, the Dreaming is never ending, linking the past and the present, the people and the land. 

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