Original Painting
+ Artist:
 DLT, Turumakina & Ifyrefini 2015
+ Medium: Mixed media on canvas
+ Size: 1600mm x 610mm x 40mm

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Artist Statement

This piece is a collaboration of 3 friends – DLT, Turumakina & wife Ifyrefini, which was created specifically for the Gold & Greenstone exhibition representing a tohu/sign. The Gold & Greenstone exhibition explores the stories and creative practices of New Zealand Māori living on the Gold Coast, Gold and Greenstone looks at points of engagement and overlap, of cultures colliding and intertwining, where ‘greenstones’ wash up on golden shores.

Using the metaphor of the greenstone, a symbol of cultural prestige and economic power, this exhibition considers the art practices of six New Zealand Māori artists living on and with family connections on the Gold Coast. As a loose collective, these artists represent the first mass trans-pacific migration of Māori communities to international shores since the very first fleets of ancient navigators began to traverse the Pacific Ocean from Eastern Polynesia to Aotearoa, New Zealand, over eight hundred years ago.

Significant amongst the issues explored in this exhibition is the challenge of retaining language, traditions and cultural practices away from home, as well as the difficulties of establishing an amicable and meaningful engagement with the Indigenous peoples of Australia.