Guest Artist: Raniera McGrath

Dates: 4-6 Aug
Artist: Raniera McGrath
Tribal Affiliations: Te Rarawa, Ngati Hine, Ngapuhi

Raniera (Daniel McGrath) has been practising the fine art of tāmoko for the best part of eight years and is committed to keeping the art form of tā moko, its tikanga and traditions alive.

With his unique style of freehand design, Danz is able to ensure that each and every moko is specifically created to represent and reflect his client’s story, whether this be an interpretation of ones tūpuna, tribe, achievements or the love of the sea or bush.

Through constant research and the pursuit of excellence Danz is able to design tāmoko of the highest quality, beauty and integrity all whilst respecting traditional customs and ensuring the utmost care, hygiene and professionalism.

Danz has a sound local and international client base which sees him travelling six-nine months of the year where he is devoted to sharing our Māori customs with the world while continuing to develop and pursue his interest in other fine art mediums such as polynesian tatau, mainstream tattoo, painting and graphics

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